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We form true partnerships with our clients to take on absolute IT accountability.


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You have IT issues

Maybe your current provider leaves you hanging or lacks the proactivity that your IT projects need. Or worse, they try to sell you projects you don’t need. Perhaps your IT needs have changed and your internal staff can no longer handle the requirements. Or maybe you’re just sick of IT staff turnover and need an outsourced IT solutions partner who can get it done with limited oversight.

We’ve got you covered with our holistic managed IT solutions approach

At Five Nines, we’re “all-in” on our partnerships, which is why we’ve adopted our all-in (literally) approach to our fixed-fee agreement structure.

Your partnership with Five Nines includes expert oversight over all of these managed IT solution areas and more:


We have an entire team at Five Nines dedicated to nothing but the success of your backups, from day one. With multiple full-time engineers, certified in the highest level of support, our team is able to address RTO & RPO as well as errors/exceptions/issues right away and in house which reduces our reliance on external vendors or delays. Additionally, we’ve spent years developing custom controls & reporting, to immediately identify an issue and automatically create a support request for our team to address it.


We’ll work together to map out IT requirements and build those into a well-documented IT budget & plan that includes a full inventory of equipment such as; workstations, servers, and networking gear. We account for planned expenses such as hardware warranty and software support renewals, along with recommended solutions for larger-scale projects due to end-of-life products.


NIST, CIS, ISO, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC/SSAE, GDPR, AICPA, SOX, GLBA, FISMA…these are just a few of the regulatory compliance standards we help our clients meet. We’ll make sure your IT Controls, policies, procedures, budget, and strategic IT plan are compliant. Whether that’s customizing reports, tuning services, or meeting directly with your auditors and management teams to make plans and see it through, we’ll take care of the details.


We’ve built an entire team of IT procurement managers to get you the right solution, the first time. We tap into our vetted suppliers and vendors to identify, source, configure, and deploy all of the IT assets your business may need – with our negotiated preferential pricing. So whether you just need a new laptop for your employee starting on Monday, or you’re about to relocate office buildings and need help navigating the ocean of decisions ahead of that process, our team can guide you through those decisions (and the implications) so that you can focus on your business.

Project Work

IT project management services are part of our fixed fee agreements, so our partners are able to plan in advance for upgrades and migrations. This managed IT solution model allows the peaks and valleys of large capital expenses to level out to a more predictable forecast, and also allows for the right work to happen at the right time, instead of being constricted or dictated by a budget cycle.


At Five Nines, our entire premise is built on trust & transparency. Every month, you’ll get your IT audit report, offering you an overview at-a-glance review in several key areas: backups, disk space, patch management, uptime, asset overview, and service request summary. Additionally, you’ll see every ticket request and its status. Of course, all of this information is available to you in your support app, but we provide the report to make it easy to share with others in your organization.


From the first day of partnership and during the on-boarding process, our IT security specialists will assess your current environment against industry best practices and compliance needs for your business. We make recommendations for (and help execute) end-user security awareness, training and email phishing testing, next generation endpoint security solutions, and anti-spam & email continuity services.

Strategic Planning

One of the first steps in our partnership engagements is a full assessment of your environment. We evaluate your current IT infrastructure health & risks, equipment life cycles, and IT deficiencies that pose the biggest downtime risk to your organization. Aligning this to your organization’s goals & priorities, we create a comprehensive IT strategy & roadmap that we’ll use for the next 3 years.


The first 30 days of your partnership with Five Nines is all about setting the right tone for the long-term relationship. That means empowering and educating your employees on how, when, and why to reach out to us regardless of the situation. We’d deploy our support tools, provide your employees access to their customer support & ‘how-to’ portal, as well as meet with them to answer any questions/concerns they may have. By training your team on our programs and technology, we help increase the adoption, understanding, and efficiency in our partnership.

Our process to get to know each other

Five Nines will begin by assessing the state and health of your environment. By auditing your organizational structure and how you do business, we can design a managed IT solution based on that discovery process. Our goal is to take the pain out of IT and act as your service desk, systems engineer, and chief information officer and advisor.

We know that there’s a plethora of moving parts when it comes to running a successful business, and we vow to keep it simple, ensuring that you’ll only need to deal with one IT vendor.

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