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Preferred IT service provider for over 20 years

From soup to skunks, our holistic fully managed IT services have you covered.

Why Five Nines?

Businesses choose Five Nines for their outsourced IT services because we make it easy.

Staffing solved

Finding the right IT talent is challenging because you need a swiss army knife of skills. With Five Nines, you pay the equivalent of one while getting the expertise of twenty.

Stress-free security

Backups, reporting, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery strategy. We take the stress of breaches out of the equation.

Part of your team

We are independently and locally owned. You’ll know our team because we’re part of your community.

Holistic approach

We don’t nickel and dime you for every tech need. When you work with Five Nines, you get the comprehensive support you need with a fixed fee package.

IT focus

Tech operations is all we do and we make sure we’re the best. We’re the only IT partner you’ll need.

Adding value

Our fully managed services don’t just save the day for you – they help drive revenue, reduce risk, and control expenses.




Years in Business

What Clients Say

When we acquired another agency, our Five Nines Primary Engineer dug in, figured out what needed to be moved, got all the new software installed, called vendors to make sure everything with licensing was up to date. We had it all done: got the data moved and we didn’t miss a beat taking care of our clients. It was basically 48 hours. It happened seamlessly, and I didn’t have to do it!

Neal L. | Insurance

We’ve improved our processes, our infrastructure, our overall efficiency, and of course with that comes a content workforce that can effectively do their jobs with minimal interference. Happy people plus productivity equals efficiency and reduced cost.

Cynthia M. | Logistics

Particularly for rural and small banks when you have a staffing issue, Five Nines eliminates the challenge of finding the right person. You have consistency, and we found that was a big plus for us in not having to replace staff. It eliminated a lot of stress on my part trying to find qualified IT people and retaining them.

Kevin P. | Banking

When COVID-19 changed our work environment, Five Nines quickly ordered additional laptops for our work-from-home staff and provided excellent communication and training on remote access. They have met our technology needs big and small and we all enjoy working with the staff at Five Nines!

Nancy N. | Non Profit

Preferred Partner for


Simply put, we hire the best. Are you up for challenges? Driven by knowledge? Like Foosball? Sweet. You’ll fit right in.