Letter from the CEO

The brief:  

James Bowen is succeeding Nick Bock as the Chief Executive Officer of Five Nines Technology Group, the largest Nebraska based managed IT services company in the United States. This is a planned transition and the Five Nines team could not be more thankful to Nick for his service, nor could we be more excited about what the future will bring.

The detailed:  

I’m a very lucky and fortunate person. I started my career as an independent IT consultant 18 years ago, and started at a time and in a place which contributed to my early success. Information Technology work was more casual at the time. Small businesses adopting outsourced managed IT services developed as a marketplace in linear fashion to my own career and company development.

Speed ahead to September 14th, 2006. I get a phone call from my desperate wife that our son is going to be born via an emergency surgery 2.5 months early. I rush to the hospital to be with my new family and we effectively moved into the NICU at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln NE. I could have lost everything at that time, except for having the good fortune of meeting Nick Bock only a few weeks prior.  Shortly after we met, Nick and I  entered into a gentleman’s agreement to create a new company from our two respective businesses. Nick kept his word and while my world was upside down, both my son and Five Nines Technology Group were born.

In our journey to create a well operating 50/50 partnership, Nick became the CEO, and I led and performed a lot of the engineering effort. As Five Nines grew and prospered, we engaged Leadership Resources (a great local strategic resource for business) for strategic planning.  During these discussions Nick and I identified that one day, years out, Nick’s goal was to either move on to other interests and opportunities, or retire. We also discovered that Five Nines is and likely always will be my life’s work and passion.

In 2013, I completed the Executive MBA Program at the University of Nebraska Omaha to expand my business acumen. I graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan with a BS in Computer Science, and that didn’t include much related to running a business. I needed this education to better prepare myself for Nick’s eventual exit from the company, and the people of Five Nines deserved a better educated version of myself. In addition to the MBA, I spent years working with other executive teams, working to understand how a variety of businesses operate, and consulting on the same.

While discussing this transition with my wife she pointed out, “You need different runners for different legs of the race.” This is very true. The time has come for Nick to venture forth to his next adventure and the baton is being passed to me.

I’m grateful for this opportunity and for the wonderful people who choose to make Five Nines their work family.  Furthermore, I’m grateful for our clients who trust us with the management of their technology, the security and safety of their data, and the business continuity which protects their revenue.

This is a proud moment for me, and I wanted to share this story with you. The team at Five Nines is ALL IN on the pursuit of our Mission, “To love what we do, and be the best at it”.

James Bowen | Five Nines CEO