Jarrod Daake

Jarrod is our Director of Partner Strategy. He has been with Five Nines since 2013 and has held many positions in his growth with our company.

Jarrod oversaw our Kearney, Central City, and onboarding teams, and the growth of Greater Nebraska, until April of 2021, when he was promoted to Director of Partner Strategy. He now oversees two departments and drives strategies for our active partners.

Jarrod has over 12 years of technical experience ranging from small business IT to managing multibillion-dollar networks. He possesses the unique ability to understand complex business requirements and develop technology plans that align with those requirements. At Five Nines, Jarrod leads two engineering teams and works with our largest, most complex environments to ensure their technical needs are met through business alignment.

As a trusted advisor to our clients, he has overseen projects ranging from full scale, multi-branch networking redesigns to systems migrations including hundreds of virtual servers.

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