Today the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) made the emergency decision to request its member power utilities reduce overall electricity consumption through controlled outages. While those rolling blackouts have been paused, they could be resumed at any time.

How this impacts your IT:

  1. Power outages could occur without notice and runs a risk of data corruption or other unwanted outcomes in technology equipment.

  2. Battery backups may buy some time but will likely deplete before power is restored since a rolling blackout is 30 to 60 minutes long.
  3. Systems may need to be manually brought back online once power is restored. If the power has been restored and services are unavailable, please contact us as soon as possible.
  4. Save work frequently in the event power is lost unexpectedly.
  5. Five Nines will be actively monitoring all clients and power outage maps for NPPD, LES, and OPPD. If your business is impacted, Five Nines will be standing by to assist once power is restored.

If power outages do occur, our team will be working diligently to get our partners back up and operational. Please be patient with us as we all work through these extraordinary and uncontrollable circumstances.

For support, please call (402) 817-2650.