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It’s Officially 2021: Set Your IT Goals

2020 was the year we were all forced to use technology to keep business going as usual. 2021 is the year to make your technology even more of a business asset if it isn’t already.  Sometimes, that can be easier said than done. Just like you set new year’s resolutions, you can set new IT goals to implement throughout the year. Here’s how you can set attainable goals, budget for your technology, and make your IT an asset in 2021.

Set Attainable and Measurable Goals

To set attainable and measurable goals where you will gain the most benefit, you must first determine your IT priorities. You may want to put a strong focus on your IT security or improve your internal/external processes with specific pieces of technology. Maybe you want to give your company a competitive edge by utilizing IT to decrease downtime. You could also put a focus on the current IT trends that drive business efficiencies such as Wi-Fi networking technology, IT automation, or updating your IT infrastructure and software.

According to the 2020 State of IT study, larger organizations (5,000+ employees) are more likely to adopt newer technology trends because of their needs and budget size. Smaller organizations, however, are trying to improve their current infrastructure and processes. Be sure to set goals that are a good fit for your organization, and focus on how you would like to see your business technology complement organizational success. Ensuring that all goals are able to be measured and tracked is also a key component of this process.

Budgeting and Planning

Goal implementation is best complimented by budgeting and planning. It may be helpful to sit down with your IT team to develop a preliminary 1/3/5 year budget plan, so you have a direction of where your business technology is headed. According to Spiceworks, the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructures is the biggest driver of IT budget increases. With a budget plan, you will have the ability to anticipate these expenses before they happen.

After being surveyed, 89% of companies expect their IT budgets to grow or remain steady. This year, smaller businesses are making significant increases to their hardware budgets, while large enterprises are increasing their cloud budgets. While both are valuable, it all depends on your type of organization. Just as you set goals that are right for your business, you must also allocate an appropriate budget plan as well

Make IT an Asset

To make your IT a true organizational asset, put a strong focus on planning, tracking, training, and documentation when trying to meet and plan for your technology goals.

  • Internal IT Audit: Audit your current IT environment by determining what resources you already have, as well as what you may need in the future.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan: If something were to go awry, is your data backed up and secure? Take the time to develop a detailed disaster recovery plan that you can follow in the event of an emergency.
  • User Awareness Training: Train your users on best practices when navigating the web, or how to spot potentially malicious emails.
  • Consistent Strategic Planning: Take time each quarter to strategically analyze your business technology, and track the progress of your goals.
  • Documentation: Be sure to document everything, whether it is consistent tech issues that arise, metrics that coincide with your goals, or your monthly budget.

While it may seem like a lot of preparation, the more you put into your business technology, the more ROI you’ll see from it. Make 2021 your year to set and achieve the tech goals that will benefit your organization.